First Presbyterian Church of Kissimmee, Florida
Sermon Archives 2008
December You Can Go Home Again Restore The Joy Just Say Yes The Word Became Flesh What Has Christmas Taught Us?
November Servant Leadership Be Prepared   Where Is Jesus Never Buy Green Bananas
October Bad Business How to Make a Golden Calf A Taxing Question The Fundamentals of Faith  
September The Bridge to Somewhere What Do We Owe? Manna in Our Wilderness    
August Wrestling God Don't be Afraid Hope for Outsiders Defining Jesus  
July Freedom Isn't Free Ministry of Seed Planting Weed Control Seed Faith  
June Trust and Obey Do You Need a Doctor Pray for Workers Courage of Discipleship The Test

Sharing the Suffering

Heaven Came Down The Truth About God An Inflation-Proof Faith  
April Missing Easter Safe and Secure The Way Back Home Googling God  
March Wake Up! Why Go To Gethsemane Who is on Trial Holding On Blind Theology

Heavenly Minded
February Listen! Struggle In The Wilderness In The Dark Wrong Side of the Tracks  
January Needful Things Building Christian Fellowship Jesus Calls Us