First Presbyterian Church of Kissimmee, Florida
Sermon Archives 2015
December The Gift of Enouragement Rejoice! You Brood of Vipers! New Birth Peace on Earth  
November A New Earth The Gift Midwives on Call for the Kingdom Not From This World Secret Places
October The Test The High Price of Following Jesus Are We Able Healing the Blind
September Does Charity Begin at Home The Divine Point of View Fear and Faith Be at Peace with One Another
August Speaking the Truth in Love Growing Up to God Time Management Standing Firm From the Heart
July Heavenly Enigma The Fearful Fox Sheep Without a Shepherd Knowing What Can't Be Known
June Like Everybody Else Looks Can Be Deceiving The Armor of God    
May Acts of the Holy Spirit The Spirit of Change The Spirit Gives Us Voice The Awesome God
April Meet Me in Galilee Closer Than We Think Spin Control Versus Sin Control Other Sheep  
March Follow Me Temple Under Construction Why Did It Have to be the Cross Looking for Jesus A Tale of Two Parades
February Waking Up The Demons Healed to Serve Listen Angels in the Wilderness
January Christmas According to John The Waters of Creation Freedom and Responsibility The Kingdom is Near