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The characters of Ensemble Stars! and its sequel game, Ensemble Stars!! Basic & Music.

Since these pages are currently under construction, help is much appreciated. Due to having numerous characters, all characters are sectioned by their unit affiliations in Ensemble Stars!! unless stated otherwise.

All units and characters from Ensemble Stars! are in the updated game.


Yumenosaki Academy

  • The Player/"Anzu"
  • Yumenosaki Academy Facultynote

Starmaker Production

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Creating joy for both idols and fans.

The agency founded by Yumenosaki alumnus Eichi Tenshouin.

Its name is abbreviated as StarPro. While he's created a system that automatically enrolls all students of the Yumenosaki idol department into an appropriate ES agency upon their entry in the school's idol course, there are many students who willingly choose to affiliate with StarPro, which has an atmosphere familiar to Yumenosaki students.

  • Trickstarnote
  • finenote
  • ALKALOIDnote

Cosmic Production

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Providing only the highest grade entertainment.

An entertainment agency that runs Reimei Academy and Shuuetsu Academy, which both cultivate young, talented individuals. Its name is abbreviated as CosPro. It manages the schools by nurturing idol students in Reimei Academy and then transferring the highest-quality students to Shuuetsu to shelter them there. Though it has steadily risen in social standing in the entertainment world due to their methods, the SS has caused their status to somewhat plateau.

Ibara Saegusa is the vice president of Cosmic Production.

  • Edennote
  • Valkyrienote
  • 2winknote
  • Crazy Bnote

Rhythm Link

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Reaching your heart through our music.

A veteran small-scale entertainment agency that's been operating since the old days. Their nickname is RhyLin. One of the agencies that joined Ensemble Square. Not only do the idols affiliated with them thrive via numerous events, but so do many other bands, singer/songwriters, and musicians.

  • UNDEADnote
  • AKATSUKInote
  • Ra✽bitsnote

New Dimension

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A generation of all-rounders.

A newly-established entertainment agency. Abbreviated as NewDi. One of the agencies under Ensemble Square. Though they were only recently established and have few idols, they've expanded from just idol activities to theater management, training actors, and TV program productions.

Tsumugi Aoba is the vice president of New Dimension.

  • Knightsnote
  • Switch note
  • MaM note
  • Double Facenote


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Nagisa's adopted father, founder of SS and the original super idol who established the current idol system. He is shrouded in mystery but his actions from decades ago still motivate many of the characters to this day.

  • For Want Of A Nail: The nail with almost all of the things happening in the story being a ripple effect from his actions. As the original super idol he had a profound impact on the entire industry, many of those changes affecting the characters today. His mentoring of Subaru's father led to his rise in stardom which in turn made people conspire against him and arrage for the accident that ended his career and his life. This incident caused a ripple effect to the present day with his son Subaru becoming an idol too which eventually revealed the corruption in the industry. And that's not even mentioning the many illegitemate children he had in addition to his few adopted ones that now cause chaos.

Walking Spoiler! Kaname Tojou

The original HiMERU and former student of Reimei Academy. He was a special student and follower of Tatsumi until he was severely injured by his classmates and was sent to the hospital. He is now in a coma and has not woken up for two years.

  • Break the Cutie: Was a normal innocent and naive boy but being beaten into a coma by his classmates left him a shell of his former self with night terrors who can only make incoherent noises when he wakes up.
  • Dark and Troubled Past: His mother died when he was young during the Akehoshi incident and he was raised by his father who suffered a mental break after the death of his wife. He eventually entered Reimei academy but despite being a special student, he didn't have the skills to actually be a top class idol and was forced to take on the stage name HiMERU instead of debuting under his real name like he wanted. He eventually found friends in Jun and Tatsumi but the toxic atmosphere at the school caused him to be assaulted by his fellow students and put into the hospital until this day.
  • Deceased Parents Are the Best: Holds his dead mother in high esteem, wanting to become an idol to fulfill her wish of becoming a star like her idol Akehoshi. By contrast he dislikes his father who is still alive but he pretends doesn't exist.
  • Expository Pronoun: Unlike his brother, he uses "Boku" instead of "Ore". It should be noted that he never uses the Kanji "僕" and instead uses the Hiragana writing "ぼく" which makes him seem much more childish than his peer Jun.
  • Protectorate: To the current HiMERU. His safety and happiness is his top priority to the point of hiding his location, doing dirty deals with Ibara and throwing himself under the bus just so Kaname can be protected.
  • Remember the New Guy?: He is this to the Reimei storyline, mainly in Jun's backstory. Prior to Ensemble Stars!!, Jun had always been portrayed as a lone wolf during his time as a regular student until the Obbligato event shows he and Kaname spent a lot of time together and were each others only friend.
  • Verbal Tic: Downplayed compared to other characters but Kaname's dialogue sometimes uses the Hiragana instead of Kanji for complicated words including Jun's lastname Sazanami.

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Ensemble Square As A Whole

  • A Day In The Lime Light: Sometimes, characters from the same agency will appear in tour events together. These sort of events go in descending order by office, meaning Starmaker Production will receive a tour event first with two or more of its units, and New Dimension will go last with its own.
  • Cast Herd: Introduced as another way to sort the enormous cast of characters into different sections, now that some of the characters have graduated from Yumenosaki.

Starmaker Production As A Whole

  • The Hero: The office as a whole is this, as it’s unit roster consists of both of the protagonist units; fine, one of the units that will revolutionize the idol industry; and Ryuseitai, the Sentai unit that idolizes heroes and justice.

Cosmic Production As A Whole

  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The agency with the most animosity between the units, mainly due to the events that transpired in the Ensemble Stars!! main story.

Rhythm Link As A Whole

  • The Runt at the End: This agency currently has 3 units. All other offices have 4. note

New Dimension As A Whole

  • True Companions: The only office that seems to have very little animosity or competition between the units due to all of the characters being particularly close with each other. This is exemplified at the end of the event story Closed Circle, where the characters show they want to rise together as companions and as an office to overcome their poor reputation as well as welcome new idols to their agency.
  • Rule of Drama: Seemingly the only reason NewDi is the office that was established to have a poor reputation among the other offices at launch. The agency’s poor reputation mainly comes from the fact that it has many children who are aspiring idols affiliated with it, who the director of the agency welcomes indiscriminately regardless of their actual ability. The office itself was kept afloat for a while by Knights, who are part of the big three and famed in-universe, and the other offices. However, as of Closed Circle, the first NewDi office centered event, the Vice President Tsumugi vows to work harder with those within his office to turn their reputation around and welcomes aspiring idols rather than shuns them.
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