Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (2024)

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (1)

Fling com is not the king of hookup sites. Not even close to that. However, it serves a purpose and serves it really well.

Here’s the thing. Fling.com is not for you if you’re looking for quick sex straight away. However, it is rather a traditional adult dating site with tons of users and a multitude of cool features.

If you’re averse to superfast, mindless swiping, one-night stand culture, this dating site is the best bet.

Additionally, if you’re someone who likes to build some chemistry before moving forward, this online dating website could be your best friend.

In this Fling.com review, we take a closer look!

Fling.com Pros and Cons

Before we get into the nitty-gritty of this Fling review, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this casual sex site:


  • Large & diverse user base
  • Sophisticated search filters
  • Video chat
  • Guarantee policy
  • Lets you sell your content
  • Live cam services
  • Cheap trial options


  • Free membership barely offers anything
  • No mobile app
  • A lot of fake accounts and bots
  • Experienced data hacks in 2016
  • Paid memberships are quite expensive

On the whole, Fling.com is a pretty decent hookup site, especially for featured members with a paid membership.

Still, other sites like Adult Friend Finder offer you better features for slightly more money, while sites like Ashley Madison have many more real members because women join for free, keeping the gender ratio nice and even.

Our Ashley Madison review goes into more detail!

Introducing the Fling Website – What is Fling.com and How Does it Work?

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (2)

Way back in 2006, a guy named Jeff Greenberg started this dating site, we now know as Fling.com. Ever since then, it has grown wide and large, thanks to all the horny people out there. Long before inclusion became a cool thing, Fling opened its gates to pretty much everyone.

This hookup site welcomes anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a heterosexual, cishet, LGBTQ+, or anything else… you can open an account and meet someone you wish to date and consummate.

Not only that – fling.com is almost borderless.

Barring a few countries, the site is open to the majority of the countries in the world. However, a major chunk of users come from the USA, as you might expect. There are 3 million US users of this online dating platform, so you’re sure to find the person you’re looking for.

Now, let’s see how to create an account and start your sexcapades.

Fling Review- 6 Steps to Make A Free Account

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (3)

Signing up for a Fling.com free account (or a premium account) is easy peasy. The registration process takes you through 6 simple steps and tada, you’ll own a fling.com membership.

Let’s briefly go over those steps, so that it becomes easier for you in getting an account.

  1. Enter basic details such as name, age, and gender
  2. Fill in your sexual preference details (i.e. the gender(s) you want to match with!)
  3. Put in your location and ZIP code
  4. Provide a valid email address
  5. Choose a strong password for your account
  6. Confirm your email address for your account

After following these steps, the site asks you to upload a picture. Try to come up with your best picture. Uploading sexually explicit content is permitted. However, it may not be a great idea – this isn’t a fetish and BDSM dating site, after all.

Finally, the site shows you a gallery of users, from which you will have to select the hot and sexy ones, according to your taste. This helps the algorithm to learn about your likings and preferences, which in turn, helps it to show you better and compatible profiles.

Compared to other dating sites, Fling.com is very upfront!

Fling Dating Site – The 3 Key Features

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (4)

1. Fling Uses Profile Searches Instead of Matchmaking Tools

Okay, so Fling doesn’t have a matchmaking mechanism. I know what you’re thinking. What’s a dating site without such an important feature?!

Like I said earlier, Fling is not one of your typical, fast-paced dating sites. Rather, it’s more of a conventional, casual dating site.

People who got used to the Tinderesque type of dating may not find this appealing. However, members who’re into taking it slow and building a connection before hooking up, yes, they’re going to have quite some fun over here.

The site has a robust search function with tons of filters!

Basic Search Function

The basic search options will let you look for members based on gender, sexual preferences, age, country, and zip code.

The search options will also let you narrow down the results further, as you can choose to view members who’re online, verified, with photos, or currently streaming a video (more on that later).

This option is available to those with a free membership, allowing you to narrow down the number of members you’re looking for.

But what about premium members?

Advanced Search Function

The fling sex site also offers an “Advanced Search” function as one of its premium features, with many sophisticated search options and filters. This helps you scout for members that match most of your dating preferences.

With advanced search, you can look for fling members based on things such as:

  • Body type
  • Height
  • Eye color
  • Hair color
  • Ethnicity
  • and more!

Now, tell me! How many other dating sites offer such a pinpoint way of filtering members?! Not many, right?! Welcome again to Fling.com.

2. The “Who’s Cute?” Game Lets You Rate Other Fling Members

Now, it’s time for some fun and games. Fling’s “Who’s Cute” feature lets you rate other members based on their physical appearance. It is simple, straightforward, and very effective.

When you participate in this game regularly, the site algorithm ranks you as an interactive member. It also gives you further reach in the profile feed as well.

You can play this game every day, however, the number of profiles you can rank on any given day is limited to 50. By the way, when other members rank you as cute, it also gives your profile weight, which, in turn, makes your profile visible to more site members.

Is it shallow? Yes. But you know… welcome to online dating.

3. The Fling.com Video Chat can be used for Virtual Dates & Fun

Before trying out this site, I have read several fling.com reviews USA, and pretty much every fling.com review has highlighted this feature. So, when I joined fling.com, I wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

The video chat framework is neatly built and very robust. To my surprise, even when my internet was weak, I still didn’t have any quality issues. This feature helps you get a clear picture of the user before meeting them in real life.

Moreover, it also helps you identify catfishes and fake profiles too!

Personally, I am a lazy lad who prefers video interactions rather than sending messages. And, I must say, it has been a rewarding feature for me on this site. Also, if the other user is down for it, you can also have some sexually explicit video chat sessions too.

Sounds comfy, right?

Does Fling.com Offer Any Special Features?

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (5)

You can look out for compatible members, play the rating game, and video chat with other members.

As we discovered in our Fling review, this hookup website offers a plethora of fun features other than the above-mentioned ones.

Fling.com Live Cams

Not many dating sites offer the live cam feature. However, with a fling account, you can enjoy watching live cams of hot women. To enjoy this feature, you must have a premium membership. without paying, you can only view the preview pictures and room info.

Once you pay for the membership, you can join the live cam room, chat with the girl, and can even make requests. If you like the girl you’re seeing, you may even flirt with her, and who knows, you may even land a date with her.

Try your luck!

Sex Shop With Freebies

Not only do you get to meet and date users with similar interests, but you can also buy adult apparel and sex toys here. Fling has allied with a famous online sex shop, where you can buy different types of sex toys, adult DVDs, and many more.

The website offers exclusive discounts, deals, and even freebies. By the way, you don’t even have to worry about your privacy. The purchases will be labeled as game-related items on your credit card bill.

What more can you ask for?

3-month Guarantee

If someone still wonders “is Fling .com real?”, then this should definitely clear their doubts. This dating website offers a 3-month guarantee. This means that if you couldn’t find a date successfully in 3 months, the website extends your paid membership, completely free of cost.

I smell confidence!

Moreover, it’s a win-win situation. No matter how confident they are, if they fail, they’re going to reward you with a 3-month premium membership. How cool is that?! Actually, this was the feature that sold me on this website.

NSFW Safe Mode

Fling.com offers yet another rare-to-find, very useful feature. The safe mode helps you hide all the explicit content, whenever you want it to. For example, if you’re at work, or around your family, you can simply turn on this feature and say goodbye (temporarily) to all the NSFW content.

Ashley Madison, one of the competing hookup sites, offers a similar feature called the “panic button” that logs you out of your account on all of your laptops, phones, and devices.

Is Fling.com Safe & Secure?

This website has been up and running since 2006. And, they’re well-rated in the industry as well. On the technical side, Fling seems pretty secure. They are secured by Norton and they don’t sell your personal information such as email address or phone number to third parties.

However, we should disclose that Fling.com was hacked in 2016, along with many of the best dating sites and hookup sites online. If security is a big concern for you, you might be better off with an adult online dating site like Adult Friend Finder.

It’s up to you!

Nonetheless, fling.com has partnered with reputed sales agents such as Epoch, SegPay, and WTSeTicket for an extra layer of payment security. For extra safety, on your part, make sure that you don’t share your personal details to any user without getting to know them properly.

Be wary of fake profiles, as they’re pretty much active on every dating site.

Does Fling Cost Money? If Not, What Are the Payment Plans?

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (6)

As awesome as this website may sound in this Fling.com review, there’s one problem here. Free membership won’t get you any juice. Unless you pay, you can’t view or send messages, join live cam sessions, or enjoy any of the cool features the website has to offer.

There’s always a catch!

If you’re looking for an online dating or hookup website with more features for free members, you should try Adult Friend Finder or Ashley Madison, both of which have better free version. In fact, women sign up to Ashley Madison for free.

Yep, free.

So yeah, sorry for the bad news, but buddy, you will have to spend some coins to meet some chicks on Fling.com. The site offers two cheap trial offers. For 95 cents, you can try the website for one day. If you want a little more time to test the waters, $9.95 will get you a 7-day trial.

If you want none of that fuss and are looking to jump right in, there are 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, and yearly plans.

  • 1-month paid membership – $39.95
  • 3-month paid membership – $69.95
  • 12-month paid membership – $80.04

Choose whatever suits you best. But, if I were you, I would go with the 3-month subscription. I almost forgot to tell you this. You can cancel your membership without any hassles. No commitments or attachments.

Still, a premium account is the only way you can really use Fling.com with any success.

Is Fling.com Legit?

Yes, Fling.com is a legit hookup and dating site with both free and paid-for membership options. The adult personals and chat site has many active members, including 3 million members in the US alone.

Like most hookup sites, you can’t guarantee that all the members are real members, but getting a premium account helps to weed out some of the bots and catfish accounts.

Still, if you’re looking to find hookups online, sites like Adult Friend Finder tend to be better, offering live cams, erotic adult personals, and an open-minded sex-positive community.

You choose.

Bottom Line – Is Fling.com one of the Best Dating Sites?

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (7)

Here’s the thing. Fling is a different beast. It’s quite unique in its own right. There are some pros and some cons. For example, the lack of a matching algorithm is a bummer. However, the website makes up for it by offering highly advanced search filters.

Also, when I signed up for the site, profiles started viewing my profile almost instantly and the system told me that one of them wants me to upload photos. Why would someone tell a random recently-created profile that? Also, when I googled some of these profiles, they didn’t exist!

Dead giveaway.

Apart from some of the bots and fake profiles, this site not only caters to cishet people, but it also serves pretty much every gender and sexuality. You will even find members interested in sugar dating and couple swapping.

Nonetheless, this site definitely isn’t right for everyone. Sites like Adult Friend Finder offer more bang for your buck (literally) in terms of cool website features, while sites like Ashley Madison have a lot more real members because they allow women to join for free.

Whether the Fling app is for you or not, we hope you find what you’re looking for online!

Advertising disclosure: We may receive compensation for some of the links in our stories. Thank you for supporting the Village Voice and our advertisers.

Fling.com Review - Pros & Cons, Prices, Success Rates, and More (2024)
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