Fling.me Review: Casual Dating Done Right (2024)

Fling.me Review: Casual Dating Done Right (1)by John Santana

Are you looking for a casual fling, or just sick of the lack of privacy of other dating websites?

Maybe you don’t want to spend a wad of cash on dating apps trying to find someone with similar sexual interests as you!

Flingis the ultimate adult dating network that allows users to control privacy and meet stunning people. This app allows you to message, call, and video chat with people all around the world – with no strings attached.

In this Fling.me review, we’ll talk about:

  • What sets this dating app apart
  • Some of its most popular features
  • How much the app costs
  • The different ways to connect with people intimately
  • The overall pros and cons of Fling.me.

Let’s get into it!

What Sets Fling.me Apart

Intimacy Match

Unlike other casual dating apps, Fling.me also allows you to filter based on sexual interests.

This can allow you to explore people by location, gender, and openness in various sexual activities.

The intimacy match allows you to explore sexual interests and find like-minded people.

This is great for people who have not had success finding people with similar interests as you on other apps.

Fling Chat

What makes Fling different from other messaging platforms on dating apps is the ability to share private photos and videos.

Most dating apps will only allow you to share messages with each other.

However, by sending videos and photos, the app allows you to make more intimate connections! It also allows you to ensure the person really is who they are on their profile.

Anti-fake profile policies

Fling.me works hard to ensure there are no fake profiles floating around the website.

The app verifies user’s profiles, using a verification badge, to indicate that the person you are talking to is in fact a real person.

You can also live video chat with the person you’re talking to, which helps ensure that the person is really who they say they are!

Safety and Privacy on Fling.me

Fling is committed to ensuring user’s privacy and doesn’t share information with other websites. You can also make secure purchases on the website.

There are also options to make your account discreet. This allows you to hide your profile from the public while keeping it accessible to users on your ‘Friends’ list.

You can also videocam chat with people one on one, without the risk of others seeing.

People who have been verified as being who they say they are will also have a verification badge to help ensure safety on the app.

User Interface and Experience

The Fling.me app is nice and easy to sign up to. All you need to do is download the app, upload a profile picture, and write a few words describing who you are and what you’re looking for – easy!

Once installed, you can then explore people both in your area, and worldwide. The app has users from all around the world.

You can sort people by age, religion, gender, race, and photos to find exactly who you are looking for.

The app allows you to directly message users, having intimate one-on-one interactions. It also allows you to privately video chat with other users, as well as enter public chat rooms to meet new people.

Membership Base and Reach

Fling is a popular dating app that has users from all around the globe – think the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, South America Europe, and Asia!

As such, chances are someone will always be online. With over 4.9 million users in the US alone, there’s someone for each of our tastes.

You can message, and video chat, people from all around the world 24 hours a day!

The app is popular amongst both singles and couples looking for casual relationships as well as people who are like-minded in bed – making this the perfect app if you want to explore.

“This live-streaming stuff is something else, I must say. My profile gets more views once I go live.”



Flingoffers a free trial, which you can use if you are new to the app. Once your trial expires, you’ll need to pay for a subscription. Don’t worry though, it’s relatively cheap!

Subscription costs vary a little depending on what country you’re from.

However, they’re all quite minimal. For example, the Gold 2-day trial costs $0.95 USD.

There are also many different subscription options, such as 1 month memberships for $34.95 and 12-month memberships for as little as $9.99/month. Keep an eye out for specials and discounts specials!

Pros and Cons of Fling.me


This dating app is great for no-string-attached relationships and is great for hook-ups and intimate webcam chatting.

The app is also great if you need to be discreet, and unlike other dating apps, you can change who sees your profile.

You can also share your photos and videos only with a select group of people if you wish. The app is also popular amongst couples looking to open up their relationship!


Some users have cited worries about fake profiles. The app has introduced user verification, so be careful about profiles that do not have a verification badge on them.

There are also more females than males on the website, which is good news for guys out there as the app is currently offering free sign-ups for men to help balance this out.

Final Thoughts

Flingis a popular adult dating website and app. It caters to people looking for a more casual relationship, including hook-ups and discrete videocamming.

The app prioritizes privacy and allows users to hide their profile from people other than those they choose to interact with.

If you’re looking for a fun way to meet new people with similar sexual interests or for someone to webcam with (even people from the other side of the globe), Flingis a great choice for you!

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Fling.me Review: Casual Dating Done Right (2024)
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