Rush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (2024)

  • 1Eternium RoverRush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (7)
  • 1Town CrierRush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (8)
  • 2Forge of SoulsRush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (9)
  • 3Frothing BerserkerRush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (10)
  • 4Blood RazorRush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (11)
  • 3Acolyte of PainRush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (12)

General Mulligans

You one-drop minions should always be kept as they provide you with a strong start.

Forge of Souls is usually your best turn 2 play.

Frothing Berserker is can be played on turn 3 regardless of your hand, as it always has the potential to snowball, and puts alot of pressure on your opponent.

Blood Razor is always right, to activate your own cards, aswell as dealing with an annoying board.

Acolyte of pain, provides you with additional card draw to gather your pieces.

Keep only if certain conditions are met:

Warpath if youre opponent can make early wide boards. Like Odd Paladin.

Gluttonous Ooze if your opponent is likely to run a strong early weapon. Like Necrium Blade for rogues.

Omega Assembly: If youre opponent is playing an aggro deck.

Now this deck may not be cheap, but it is a ton of fun. And
with Odd Warrior being the only warrior deck that is played in the meta, this
deck is going to be quite the surprise for most opponents.

I have played this deck around 50% winrate. However, that is on rank 4-5, where there are a ton of experimental decks.

This deck is not my original, but since it’s not a meta-deck and I have played for some time now, I wanna share it aswell, just to make people aware that you can play something else than Odd Warrior.

Your gameplan is to take control of the board in the early
game, using your rushers and chargers alongside your Blood Razor. If you get
control of the board, you can quickly go face for a lot of damage and the game
will be over surprisingly fast. If the game drags on, you still have cards to
support this situation aswell. Dr. Boom, The Lich King, Rotface and Omega
Assembly provides you with more resources to keep up the pressure. You can also
play defensively, using Super Collidor, warpath as board clears along with
rushing mecks from Dr. Boom.

I will now go through each card in the deck and explain it’s

Eternium Rover : A solid 1-drop for early trades. Synergizes
well with warpath, Bloodrazor, Garrosh heropower and Zilliax.

Omega Assembly : A must have for any warrior deck these
days. Awesome for extra resources in a long game. If you’re playing against
aggro, consider keeping this in your mulligan and play on turn 1. Also keep
against even decks, and use before turn 6 to counter geist.

Town Crier : A descent early tradingbody alongside drawing a
rush-minion. This card is a must in this deck.

Execute : Big removal… Quite simply…

Forge of Souls : A great card in your mulligan, considering
you don’t really wanna play any other two drops so early. Also, you really need
your weapons at any stage in the game, so a little help to draw them is just

Warpath : Board clear or combo activator. Synargizes with
almost everything in deck.

Acolyte of Pain : Card draw! Easy to activate with warpath or Blood Razor.

Frothing Berserker : Warpath and Blood Razor again. Can deal a
crazy amount of damage! If your opponent doesn’t have a way to deal with this,
you may end up seeing this one win you the game.

Gluttonous Ooze : Tech card…

Blood Razor : A very nice weapon to activate your own combos
aswell as dealing with the board. You could save your last attack for turn 8,
and get Grommash to activate when played.

Kor’kron Elite : A charge minion that suits your gameplan: Go face! FOR THE WARCHIEF!

Militia Commander : A very nice rush minion to make awesome

Darius Crowley : Not a super strong minion, and will usually only grow one time. But scary enough
to force your opponent to use some removal to get rid of it.

Dyn-o-matic : Usually used for removal. It can activate your
own combos aswell, but there is a risk of it dealing too much damage to your
own minions.

Supercollider : Removal… Again…

Zilliax : No reason not to run this one!

Dr Boom, Mad Genious : If the game goes long, this card is
your saviour, providing you with resources to last longer. Also granting your mecks rush, really helps you to keep the board stable.

Grommash Hellscream : With all the possibilities you have to
activate this card, this provides a very strong finish to a lot of games.

Rotface : Now this is a greedy one. In the late game, your opponent
may have used alot of removals to deal with your Frothing Berserkers, Darius Crowley,
Lich King, Grommash and maybe other stuff aswell. The ideal situasion is to get
it to stick for one turn, and unleash a full warpath. However it can also be
activated on the same turn you play it, either with Blood Razor, one cast from
warpath or Scourgelord Garrosh heropower.

Scourgelord Garrosh : Provides an additional way to activate
your combos with a new hero power. The weapon is also really nice. Usually
works to push the game to an end. If the game looks to be very long, this one
should be played prior to Dr. Boom.

The Lich King : No reason not to run this one.

Cards to ponder:

Blackhowl Gunspire: I have not tested this one out yet, but it could be interesting to swap Rotface with this one and see the results.

Skulking Geist: This would destroy your copies of Omega Assembly, but sometimes it may be worth it. Especially against druids.

Security Rover: With all the ways to activate this card, it could provide a strong defensive tool. However, that is not plan A, which is to go face.

Rush Warrior - Hearthstone Top Decks (2024)
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