Sausages With Tangy, Gingery Pineapple Recipe (2024)



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WooHoo! Another Melissa score. Very good, very tasty. Do slice the onion thicker - half an hour at 450 (I have a convection oven & cooked at 425) will burn it to a crisp. I served it with a spinach salad to add green & cut the sweetness, but next time (and there will be a next time) I will simply serve it over spinach or arugula. Very colorful & sort of tropical when there's snow outside!


Quick and good dinner. Put it on arugula to cut the sweetness.


This may be the best recipe that I have ever cooked from the NYT Cooking Site! We followed the directions, I did cut the purple onion bigger than half moons, I also used fresh pineapple and upped the Cayenne to 1/4 t. or so. It was done in exactly 30 minutes at 450 degrees. We all loved it! We want to cook the pineapple/onion mixture and add shrimp at the end and wrap them in a tortilla. I also think pork chops, ham or fish fillets would work.


Really tasty and easy! I also cut the onion wider - about 1/2 in. and added chunks of red bell pepper. Served with arugula/spinach mix and some couscous in place of bread.

will defintey make again!

To take the bite out of the raw onions used in the topping, soak them in cold water while making the rest of the recipe. Drain and add at end.


Made exactly as is, with spicy sausages — delicious and easy! Start some rice in a rice cooker when you pop the sausages in the oven and steam some baby bok choy in the final five minutes of cooking for a complete meal.

Michelle M

I used fresh, pre-cut from the supermarket, which admittedly is the most expensive way to go but was a good trade off of quick/tasty. I do think using fresh made a difference as canned pineapple can be quite soggy. I do not know if I'd get the same kind of toasty broil on it using canned.


I'd probably double or triple the cayenne if you like heat, it barely showed up in the finished product with how sweet the pineapple is.Recommending patting dry the pineapple too, so it browns quicker. Leftover juice can be incorporated back into the vinaigrette or just saved for something else.


This was delicious! Added sweet potatoes to the pineapple and onion, and served the roasted items with brown rice and arugula in a bowl with the gingery dressing. We used pre-cooked Italian sausage but still roasted for about 25 min total.


Do try kielbasa instead of Italian sausage in this. Kielbasa and pineapple are a wonderful combo.


With a few minor tweaks thanks to excellent commentors, I cut the brown sugar to 1 Tbl, cut the onions into small wedges, and very lightly oiled the sheet pan before depositing the ingredients on it. Added one small garnet yam cut into chunks because it added color and needed to be used. First 15 minutes, the oven was set at 425. Then a quick stir and the oven was raised to 450. Nothing burned, everything caramelized. Truly delightful on salad greens. Arugula next time. Thanks, Melissa.


I'm wondering how essential the cilantro is to the final taste. I love it, but have family members who really can't eat it.


Used smoked sausage cut into chunks instead of Italian & took it to book club. Everyone asked "who brought the sausage & pineapple?" I have never been that person before - the one who brings the dish everyone raves about.


This was extremely simple and very tasty. Took me an hour, rather than the 45 mins the recipe suggests.


I cannot stop eating this. It is divine. Had to use lemon instead of lime and crushed red pepper instead of cayenne, but transcendently delicious.


Made this for dinner tonight and it was a hit. Follow everyone's advice and slice the onion thick - it makes for better caramelization! I added extra pineapple and more cayenne for a kick. Also added some red pepper flakes to the vinaigrette. I served it with rice and steamed broccoli. It was very good and I hope to make this again!


So scrumptious! Delish! It makes sense. and you if you're reading this looking for a guarantee, this is it. I served it over arugula and farro salad tossed in some of the same vinaigrette and I would strongly recommend it, if that's something you're into. Yum. Melissa Clark is an icon. Five stars.


Since we love a spicy Hawaiian Pizza, I add green chile and jalapeños! A family favorite!

Sarah N.

Great - so packed with flavor and easy to make. Times and temps were perfect, the onion caramelized and the slight bitterness against the tangy pineapple was magic. It's plenty filling on its own, but if I wanted to stretch it to serve guests I'd make some coconut rice alongside.


Stellar recipe. My husband, who is not the cook In the family, made this on a whim whilst I was running late from work. It’s probably the best meal he’s ever made. Will be keeping this one on the weeknight list!


The recipe is delish, but I changed it up a bit to cut calories. Used 1/2 ital sausage per serving, cut the brown sugar. Used canned pineapple chunks and strained juice off some - used the juice instead of brown sugar. Recommend slicing the onion thicker. Arugula would be great for the salad base. Makes a small but tasty meal.


I agree, cut the brown sugar by half because the roasted pineapple is quite sweet! We dont like cilantro and had no arugula so I mixed in half a bag of broccoli slaw and half of a yellow pepper. Used jalapeño chicken sausages cut into disks as well as mini chicken teriyaki meatballs. Roasted the pineapple mix first at 425F for 15 minutes, added the meat, and roasted everything for another 15 minutes. We felt the onion garnish was unnecessary. The vinaigrette is to die for!


This was very tasty. Omitted the allspice and served over rice (I stirred the vinaigrette into the rice after it was done cooking). I sliced up the sausages before serving. Pineapple didn't get as browned as I was hoping for, maybe because of the parchment paper?


I was skeptical about this one but WOW! Incredible flavors and very simple.


Since we love spicy Hawaiian Pizza I added some sliced jalapeños and green Chile! A family fave!


So delicious and so easy! One of the most flavorful recipes I’ve tried from Nytimes and a huge hit. I made it as the recipe states but added halved Brussel sprouts for added green and veggies and used vegan sausage (fair roast is our favorite). Highly recommend and can’t wait to make it again!

Nick W.

Followed exactly as written. Without question the worst recipe I have cooked from The New York Times, maybe the worst I have ever cooked period. Nothing works: the allspice turns the pineapple bitter somehow, the onion burnt to a crisp before the sausages could cook. A neutral oil would help, maybe, but the whole dish is suffused with nothing but fat-slick sweetness and char. Astounded by the five-star score.

Lucy M.

This was delicious! I used my convection roast option as previous person did at 425 for 35 minutes and it was salty-sweet perfection! Roasted a tray of veggies in same oven and served with rice.


1/2023 - delicious. Use a whole pineapple, 4-5 sausages. Cut onions 1-2” wide. Reduce sugar to 1 Tbs. Do not increase cayenne. 35 mins at 499 not 450. Use 2 sheets of tinfoil and crimp in middle - burnt sugar is awful to clean.


I would cut out the cayenne and use half the allspice. We used spicy Italian sausage and overall it was as too much. Maybe be either sweet Italian sausage or another kind of sausage kielbasa? Like the idea someone said about adding sweet potatoes.

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Sausages With Tangy, Gingery Pineapple Recipe (2024)
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