Spectrum Outage Report (2024)

Spectrum Outage Report (1)

Why is my Spectrum service not working?

Problems detected

Users are reporting problems related to: internet, wi-fi and total blackout.

Spectrum is a telecommunications brand offered by Charter Communications, Inc. that provides cable television, internet and phone services for both residential and business customers. It is the second largest cable operator in the United States. A few years ago Spectrum acquired Time Warner Cable.

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What isn't working?

Please let us know what issue you are experiencing with Spectrum:

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Problems in the last 24 hours

The graph below depicts the number of Spectrum reports received over the last 24 hours by time of day. When the number of reports exceeds the baseline, represented by the red line, an outage is determined.

Spectrum Outage Report (9)

July 10: Problems at Spectrum

Spectrum is having issues since 12:20 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments section!

Will Spectrum compensate me for the outage?

Spectrum outages have been causing frustration for many of the company's customers. These outages, which have been reported in various parts of the country, have resulted in a loss of service access for many users.

If you use Spectrum and have experienced an outage, it's important to contact the company to report the issue and get help. You can also check their website for updates on known outages in your area. Spectrum has sometimes offered some customers credits and other compensation for the inconvenience.


Most Reported Problems

The following are the most recent problems reported by Spectrum users through our website.

  1. Spectrum Outage Report (10)

    Internet (63%)

  2. Spectrum Outage Report (11)

    Wi-fi (13%)

  3. Spectrum Outage Report (12)

    Total Blackout (9%)

  4. Spectrum Outage Report (13)

    TV (8%)

  5. Spectrum Outage Report (14)

    E-mail (4%)

  6. Spectrum Outage Report (15)

    Phone (3%)


Live Outage Map

The most recent Spectrum outage reports came from the following cities:St. Petersburg, Reno, Dallas, Orlando, Los Angeles, Okeana, Rosemead, Chicago, Winchester, Morristown, Gardena, New York City, Brooklyn, Houston and Atlanta.

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CityProblem TypeReport Time
Spectrum Outage Report (16)TampaInternet
Spectrum Outage Report (17)St. LouisInternet
Spectrum Outage Report (18)St. PetersburgInternet
Spectrum Outage Report (19)RenoInternet
Spectrum Outage Report (20)DallasInternet
Spectrum Outage Report (21)DallasInternet
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Community Discussion

Tips? Frustrations? Share them here. Useful comments include a description of the problem, city and postal code.

Beware of "support numbers" or "recovery" accounts that might be posted below. Make sure to report and downvote those comments. Avoid posting your personal information.


Spectrum Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:

  • Spectrum Outage Report (23)Nofeelingz_queenin (@Thenonofeelz2) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum @JoVanLuv Are you guys experiencing outages? This is horrible for customers working from home. I was cut off with three customers.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (24)Janice lin. (@Janilinderpoo) reported

    Farmland now may be tainted... 20 million acres!!!! Wtf.Source TWC.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (25)Space Coast Skies (@SpaceCoastSkies) reported

    Another @Ask_Spectrum WIFI outage.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (26)IVY LEAGUE TRAVY (@notivytravy1) reported

    Hilarious that @GetSpectrum has the audacity to charge me $130 in the middle of a 2 day outage. Turn my **** back on now

  • Spectrum Outage Report (27)xcalleigh (@xcalleigh) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum Done. Please help.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (28)judy 🏴 (@imanndinaa) reported

    i hope ill never go through the phase again twc

  • Spectrum Outage Report (29)Sara Jane La Liberté Mäki (@SaraJaneMaki) reported

    Meant to tag @Ask_Spectrum "offers participants a discount of up to $30/month on their internet bill, meaning they’ll effectively get free service".... where is this, exactly?

  • Spectrum Outage Report (30)IVY LEAGUE TRAVY (@notivytravy1) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum No. I will dm you the info and you will tell me there is an outage in my area. I already know that. Just fix it

  • Spectrum Outage Report (31)That Dak Pack😮‍💨 (@ThatDakPack) reported

    Just got word that the homies ain’t messing w @GetSpectrum because they’re services are terrible. Glad I know now

  • Spectrum Outage Report (32)Lexii Afterlife (@Lexii_Afterlife) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum Whats causing the outage in the La Crosse/Minneapolis area? The storms passed a long time ago and they weren't all that bad

  • Spectrum Outage Report (33)Louie (@louiewisnyai) reported

    Once again, @GetSpectrum with their piece of **** internet service going out for no reason

  • Spectrum Outage Report (34)Jeremy Schwartz (@RavJeremyS) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum Hi. I'm getting notices that my internet is down in Willimantic CT and you expect to fix it by noon. Happily, it was down very briefly, but has been up for about half an hout.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (35)Corey (@c0r3yt) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum That would make perfect sense if I had TV service but I just have internet

  • Spectrum Outage Report (36)Chris Jones 🇺🇸 (@RealChris_Jones) reported

    My expectations have been exceeded by @Ask_Spectrum who sent me a text saying they detected a problem and wanted to come check my connection. I had been having minor issues but hadn’t reported them. Sure enough they found a problem and corrected it. My minor issues all resolved.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (37)Gullad (@Gullad_) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum Smd and fix my WiFi

  • Spectrum Outage Report (38)Daniel McCoy (@reelmccoy) reported

    Hey @Ask_Spectrum? Any reason I'm seeing 20 up vs 35? Gigabit service. 91401 zip. Have reset modem & router.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (39)Tony B (@AOBZ_) reported

    Do not get @SpectrumSN TV app is constantly not working @Ask_Spectrum

  • Spectrum Outage Report (40)Gail McGowan Mellor (@authorpendragon) reported

    @SaraJaneMaki @GetSpectrum WILL provide. He just signed it, precisely because cheap service is non existent. What you're saying is non sequitur.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (41)Gail McGowan Mellor (@authorpendragon) reported

    @SaraJaneMaki @Ask_Spectrum Ah! Sorry! You're right. That will occur only in Never-never Land, obviously. Like trying to give the desperately poor help by giving them tax breaks....

  • Spectrum Outage Report (42)TeslaRideShare (@tesla_rideshare) reported fromWest Carson, California

    @Ask_Spectrum West Carson my internet outage!! 👎🤬

  • Spectrum Outage Report (43)John Muchlinski (@jam11) reported

    @GetSpectrum try to use the rewind feature to watch a nice play in hoops. Screen freezes. Change channels, still same screen. Turn off box, still same screen with cable box off… have to reboot box. Dumb! No one to blame but myself I guess for paying $270 for crap.

  • Spectrum Outage Report (44)Raymond Blanco (@rblanco1996) reported

    @GetSpectrum is the worst wifi you can get!!!! if you have a choice of another wifi then do so. This **** is soooo ***

  • Spectrum Outage Report (45)bella (@anicelloo) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum what’s up with my wifi not working in washington 😭

  • Spectrum Outage Report (46)in_a_mosh_with_tyler (@Phantom_RaZoR) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum this is the 4th time everything went down in 2 days time bruh wtf gives can y'all just stop ******* with it god damn ur a straight up joke idk how u can charge money for a service u barley provide smh get ya **** together fr

  • Spectrum Outage Report (47)Chloe White (@JoVanLuv) reported

    @GetSpectrum better count they ******* days… Working from home is annoying af when the damn wifi is out for 2 hours or more! I was in the middle of a work meeting 😡

  • Spectrum Outage Report (48)Papi’s_Pappy (@Beezy85T) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum I already called and y’all help service was *** too! Just paid y’all high *** bill for my **** to be off and your customer rep telling me they don’t see what’s wrong! I’m over y’all company! Y’all time after time with the bad business

  • Spectrum Outage Report (49)melissa krawitz (@melkrawitz) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum I just received my May bill and it's 12.73 more for no new service! Every year you keep jacking up the Bill to your customers just because you can. You are price gauging. How to you continue to get away with this highway Robbery! Shameful!

  • Spectrum Outage Report (50)Molly Dotsch (@MollyDotsch) reported

    I am officially convinced that @GetSpectrum does something to create a mini internet outage every night around 1am. Patterns only an insomniac notices. #internet

  • Spectrum Outage Report (51)SummerMotionless (@PeepSummer) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum so on the app it said my outage would be fixed by 11:30pm it is now 12:11am and it's saying it will be as soon as possible. So which is it? It's been 3 hours now

  • Spectrum Outage Report (52)Eric Raimundo Ⓟ (@eraimundo) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum if you're doing scheduled maintenance let your customers know. Plain old customer service. Now without service for 30 minutes.

Spectrum Outage Report (2024)
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