Top Latino Chat Line Phone Numbers For Men Seeking Women (2024)

FonoChat is the best way to chat with local, single Hispanic women! Connect one-on-one with lovely Latinas in your city every time you call. We make sure every call is secure and private so you can focus on chatting with that one special someone that catches your attention. Start having fun, call now!

What does FonoChat cost?

FonoChat is absolutely FREE to try for new callers. No payment information required.

FonoChat Packages offer affordable access to one of the best places to chat with local women — over the phone!

Why use FonoChat?

New members enjoy chatting for free.

Affordable packages that give you access to real local Latino women.

NO paid operators - you talk to real local Hispanic women! Plus, you choose who you want to talk to.

You're safe and in control - go ahead and let yourself have fun.

How to use FonoChat


Dial your local FonoChat phone number.


Record a greeting message introducing yourself to the ladies.


Listen to Latin women's greetings and respond to messages you like.


You're ready! Start chatting!

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Free Trial for New Users

FonoChat is the perfect place to chat with local Latinas and make instant connections. If you haven’t tried FonoChat before, we offer first-time male callers a Free Trial to explore live voice chat and features that connect you with mami’s in your area.

After enjoying the Free Trial, continue a fuller experience by taking advantage of the Double-the-Minutes package promotion for first-time Paid Members.

Top Latino Chat Line Phone Numbers For Men Seeking Women (2)

Getting your Free Trial is simple: just call your local FonoChat number. Follow the prompts on FonoChat to get your free minutes and start chatting. Just remember to call from the same phone number to access your FonoChat Free Trial.

Try now for free

on the best Latin chatline in your area


Benefits For Paid Members

Experience the swag of a Paid Membership:

  • Priority Customer Service

    Skip the line and get to our friendly Customer Service agents faster, so you can get back to chatting with the ladies sooner.

  • Access From Any Phone

    Your Paid Membership lets you call from any phone number, so you can connect to FonoChat from anywhere.

  • Priority Access

    FonoChat chatlines are always busy, and certain days or times of day can be especially popular. As a Paid Member, you have priority access to the system, and will never get a busy signal - you can always get in.

  • Speed Renewal

    As a Paid Member, adding minutes is quick and easy. This comes in handy when you are in a middle of chatting with a captivating Latina you want to keep talking to. We'll hold that call for you as you quickly add minutes.

  • Saved Greeting

    Use your previously recorded greeting so you don't have to create a new one every time you call. You can jump right in and get to the ladies!

  • Priority Messages

    Hear a message from a mami you really want to chat with? This Members-only option sends your message to her ahead of all the Free Trial users.

  • Loyalty Program

    Enjoy rewards and earn bonus chat time for being a loyal Paid Member.

  • Ad-Free

    We know you're here to chat with wonderful women, not to listen to ads. Members browse through ladies' greetings with no distraction from sponsor ads.

  • Web Self-Service

    Members can use online self-service to check your balance, add minutes, and manage your account.

FonoChat FAQs for men

  • How do I get started?

    1. Record your greeting in the Live Connector.
    2. Browse through the greetings while other people listen to yours.
    3. When you hear someone interesting, send them a message to strike up a conversation.
    4. Send or accept a connection request for a private live chat.
  • Are the people on FonoChat Chatline paid to talk to me?

    No, everyone you hear on our system is a real person, just like you. Local singles chatting with local singles; that’s what FonoChat is all about.

  • Who uses FonoChat?

    Lots of Hispanics from all over the US connect to FonoChat everyday. FonoChat is the best place to chat with Hispanics.

  • How do I get help?

    You can contact our customer service representatives at 1-800-410-3535, any time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We’re always available to help you.

  • Can I find someone through the FonoChat website?

    At the present time, we do not match people on our website. However, you can enter your telephone area code at the top of this page to get your local FonoChat number, then call FonoChat to talk to great Hispanic singles in your area.

  • I am calling long distance and I can't use my free trial membership. Why not?

    To use your free trial, you need to call from the telephone number it was issued to. Paid members have the advantage of using their membership from any phone.

  • Is there any reason why I wouldn't be able to get a free trial?

    There are two factors which influence issuing a free trial:

    1. Your phone number must show up on call display
    2. A free trial must not already have been issued to your phone number.
  • Can I get a free trial from a cellular (mobile) phone?

    Yes, as long as you’re calling from a digital mobile phone, you can get a free trial. If your mobile phone does not show its number on call display, you can try to dial *82 before dialing your local number.

  • Can I use my free trial from any phone?

    No, you can only use your free trial account from the phone you used to sign up for the trial. New free trial accounts will not be issued to a phone number that has previously been issued one.

  • I'm calling from a local phone number and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

    Your free trial may not work if:

    1. Someone has already used a free trial from your number before.
    2. The system cannot read your phone number on call display. You can try to dial *82 to display your phone number before you call FonoChat.
    3. There is no time left in the free trial.
    4. It has been more than 7 days since your free trial was issued.
  • Can I get another free trial membership?

    We try to be fair as much as we can, that’s why we limit free trial memberships to one per phone number. If a free trial has already been enjoyed at your phone number, we have a special offer for new users that gives you DOUBLE the usual minutes. If you want to know more about this special offer call our friendly Customer service 24/7 at 1-800-410-3535 or use your credit card to Buy Now.

  • Can I try your service for free before buying a membership?

    The best way to try our system before buying a membership is to get a free trial, which is issued to people who call FonoChat for first time. It takes only one minute and our system will automatically issue your free trial without you having speak to anyone in our friendly Customer Service. When calling us, just follow the easy instructions and you will be enjoying FonoChat very soon.

  • I'm calling your 800 number, and I can't use my free trial. Why not?

    800 numbers are for paid members only. Free trials cannot be used on 800 numbers, you need to call the local number nearest you (long distance charges may apply). To find your local FonoChat number, enter your area code in the box at the top of this page and then click Get My Number. Call the number shown for your local area and the voice prompts will guide you through the system.

  • How do I record my greeting?

    After calling the line, the prompts will guide you through the steps. When recording your greeting, remember to speak clearly and directly into the phone. Describe yourself and the kind of person you’re looking to chat with.

  • What is the difference between a "message" and a "connection request?"

    A “message” is a personal voice message that you record and send to a caller who catches your attention. Messages allow you to get to know other callers while still hearing the greetings of other callers on line. A “connection request” is a special type of message inviting a caller to join you in a private live conversation.

  • What should I say in my greeting?

    Your greeting should introduce you to the other callers and get their attention. Most people describe themselves and the kind of person they would like to get to know. The best greetings are those that describe your personality, not just how you look. Remember that you can re-record your greeting anytime.

  • What do I do if I receive a message that I find really interesting?

    When you receive a message from another member and you like the way they sound, you can instantly exchange private messages with them until you are ready to connect live for a totally private conversation.

  • How do I answer a message?

    You can answer a message with another message or with a connection request. You can send messages to as many people you want. We will let you know when someone answers you back. For a connection request you also record a message, but once you send it, we will ask you to hold the line while the other person decides if they want to connect with you.

  • How much time do I have to record my greeting?

    Your greeting can be up to 1 minute long. Which is enough time to talk about yourself and let others know what you are looking for. You can give additional information in the messages you send to the people that interest you.

  • What do I do if I receive a message from a caller that I'm not interested in?

    You can block the callers you’re not interested in by pressing “7”. Callers that you block will be unable to hear your greeting, and you won’t hear their greetings either.

  • What is not acceptable in a greeting?

    We want everyone to have an enjoyable experience using our system. We will not tolerate any discrimination based on age, gender or race. We will not allow any references to illegal substances or activity, or threats of violence or harm.

  • When is time deducted from my FonoChat Chatline Membership?

    The system will inform you when time is being deducted from your membership. Time starts to be deducted from your membership after you have recorded your greeting and begin to hear the greetings of other callers in the Live Connector. Time is deducted from your membership on a per-minute basis. Memberships that remain unused for a period of 3 months will be deactivated without refund.

  • What do I do if I forget or lose my membership number or passcode?

    This number is as private to you as your bank PIN number. To protect yourself against fraudulent usage, call our friendly 24-hour toll-free customer service (1-800-410-3535) immediately. For your security, you will be asked to verify your personal information.

  • Is my credit card/personal information secure?

    Since 1990 we have been approved by the top banks in North America to provide secure, online, real-time credit card processing for our members. All credit cards presented are securely directed to the financial institution that issued the credit card. You are notified of approval or decline while on the phone, whether you purchase through our automated system or with our friendly 24-hour toll-free customer service.

  • What personal information do I have to give you?

    To protect you against fraud when making a purchase, we need your name, address, phone number, social security number, credit card or check by phone account number. Once this information is confirmed we can process your order.

  • What is your Privacy Policy regarding my personal information?

    1. We will not sell, rent or divulge any personal information about you or your transaction to any 3rd party.
    2. Once your account is set up we will not be in communication with you unless you contact us. However, we may need to contact you to verify your account information or to operate our brands more effectively.
    3. When you register to use any of our brand services you will be asked for some general identifying information which will enable us to provide you with this individualized service. We will only use this information in the course of providing our service to you.
    4. A link to our Privacy Policy is posted at the bottom of this page.
  • How do I create a FonoChat Web Account?

    To access your FonoChat account online you must first create a Web Account. To create a Web Account all you need to do is:

    1. Click on ‘Sign In’ and then on ‘Sign Up’ on
    2. Enter your valid email address and select a password for your Web Account.
    3. Answer the skill testing question so we know you’re human and click ‘Sign Up.’
    4. Once you have completed this sign-up process you will receive a confirmation email.
    5. Click on the email link to verify your account and enter your email and password to sign in.

    After following the steps above, you can associate your FonoChat Membership to your web account. Signing up is free and gives you flexibility to easily add minutes, view purchase history, and manage communication from FonoChat on new features and great offers.

  • I did not receive my purchase confirmation email. What do I do?

    Check your Junk email folder for the “purchase confirmation” email. You can also confirm your purchase on the View Order History in the Online Members section of your Web Account or call our Call Center at to verify that your purchase went through and minutes were added to your account.

  • I forgot my web password and your system says that I don't have an account. How do I recover my password?

    Your Web Account is associated to the email that you provided when you signed up. Use this email to request a forgot password email. Make sure that the email you have entered when you signed up/registered is the same as the email entered when requesting a new password. Keep in mind, the email is case-sensitive.

  • I try to login and your website tells me that I don't have an account.

    Try the Forgot Email or Forgot Password links on the sign in page. If neither of these work, try creating a Web Account again and make sure to click the activation link in the email you receive upon set up.

  • I haven't received my “forgot password” email. How do I get one?

    First check your Junk email folder for the “forgot password” email. If the email is not there, try adding to your email contacts and generate a new request for forgot password.

  • The link in the confirmation email does not work and tells me that I do not have an account. What do I do?

    The link in the email to validate the creation of your Web Account is only valid for 24 hours. You will need to request a new Web Account confirmation link if you get an error message telling you that you do not have an account. Note that this error message refers to your online Web Account, not your FonoChat Membership.

Make a connection. Try FonoChat today!

Top Latino Chat Line Phone Numbers For Men Seeking Women (2024)


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