10 New Eats to Try at Empower Field (Mile High) This Broncos Season (2024)

While precious little seems to have changed so far this season when it comes to the woes of the Denver Broncos on the field, a whole lot has recently changed at the stadium where the team plays.

Most everyone who cares has heard by now about the stadium’s new name, Empower Field at Mile High (though the consensus still rightfully seems to be to just keep calling it Mile High Stadium). Less known, however, is that the stadium also has a new provider of food and beverages as one giant concessionaire (Aramark) took over for another (Centerplate) at the start of the season.

The result of that move is that Empower Field now boasts a bevy of new concession options, including barbecue spare ribs, several new burgers, and even some dishes that have been transplanted from some of Denver’s most noted restaurants.

Here is a look at some of the most enticing additions to the stadium’s roster of game day fare, which fans may find themselves turning to time and again as they attempt to eat their feelings about what is starting to seem all but certain to be another dismal Broncos season. And with seven long home games still to go, there is plenty of eating still to be done.

10 New Eats to Try at Empower Field (Mile High) This Broncos Season (1) Aramark [Official]

French 75 French Dip Sandwich: Empower Field embraced the trend of making stadiums into showcases for beloved local dishes and celebrity chefs when it tapped acclaimed Denver chef (and James Beard nominee) Frank Bonanno to offer some of the top dishes from his restaurants at the stadium. This hefty sandwich, which consists of shaved prime rib on a fresh hoagie roll and is served with a side of a 48-hour au jus, is a staple at the chef’s French 75 restaurant downtown. (Sections 130 and 525) There's also the new Frank Bonanno Concepts stand, which will serve a rotating lineup of Bonanno favorites, including bao buns and fried chicken, at each game. (Section 119)

Kimchi Hot Dog: Though Mile High is filled with stands serving basic hot dogs, one on the upper level gives the stadium classic a Korean twist by topping an all-beef frank with kimchi, sriracha mayonnaise, and cilantro. (Section 518)

GCue Championship Pork Spare Ribs: These big bones are one of several offerings this popular local barbecue spot, which has brick-and-mortar locations in Lone Tree and Westminster, is serving at their new Empower Field stall. Other options include the barbecue nachos and several barbecue sandwiches. (Section 135)

10 New Eats to Try at Empower Field (Mile High) This Broncos Season (2) Aramark [Official]

Jalapñeno Pork Belly BLT: This decidedly elevated take on the simple BLT sandwich (the bacon is swapped for pork belly) comes topped with garlic truffle aioli and is served on a ciabatta bun.(Sections 130, 525)

Vegetarian Street Tacos: A football game may not be an obvious destination for interesting vegetarian fare. But these flour tortilla tacos, which are filled with Chipotle roasted cauliflower and ranchero black beans and topped with pico de gallo are worth seeking out for vegetarian fans (as well as those who enjoy good tacos)—wherever in the stadium they are sitting. (Sections 103, 107, 119, 503, 539)

Denver Cheesesteak: Empowered Field is giving several stadium classics a welcome spicing up this season thanks to a new partnership with the 505 Southwestern Green Chili brand. The Denver Cheesesteak tops shaved sirloin with roasted green chilis and chili con queso. (Sections 106, 131, 513, 529) Meanwhile, the green chili cheese dog comes covered in pepper jack cheese, green chili, and crushed tortilla chips. (Sections 112, 117)

10 New Eats to Try at Empower Field (Mile High) This Broncos Season (3) Aramark [Official]

Federal Boulevard Burger: With a name that nods to the colorful and diverse street just to the stadium’s west, this decidedly Colorado-fied (and upscale) burger consists of a seasoned Angus patty served on a brioche bun and topped with pepper jack cheese and green chili chutney. (Sections 107, 512 and 538; United Club Sections 314, 332)

Biker Jim’s Elk Jalapeno Cheddar Hot Dog: The most popular dog at Biker Jim’s RiNo restaurant is one of several dogs and sausages the Denver mainstay is serving up at its stand on the stadium’s first level. (Section 103)

City Pop Popcorn: The new Favs@MH stall on the stadium’s lower level will serve popcorn from this 16th Street Mall favorite.

10 New Eats to Try at Empower Field (Mile High) This Broncos Season (4) Aramark [Official]

Tenders, Love and Chicken Signature Chicken Sandwich: Two new self-order stands on the stadium’s lower level called Tenders, Love and Chicken will serve this decadent sandwich consisting of a country-style fried chicken cutlet, thick-cut apple smoked bacon, Vermont cheddar, Roma tomatoes, leaf lettuce, house pickle, and herb remoulade, all on a butter toasted, sesame seed potato bun. Other options include chicken tenders, wings, and hand-tossed fries. (Sections 103, 122)

Empower Field at Mile High

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10 New Eats to Try at Empower Field (Mile High) This Broncos Season (2024)
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