Inside the food, beverage and technology upgrades from Aramark and the Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High (2024)

DENVER — The Denver Broncos, in conjunction with the team's food and beverage provider Aramark, formally unveiled food, beverage and technology upgrades for Empower Field at Mile High on Thursday.

As part of ongoing efforts to elevate the fan experience, Aramark and the Broncos have improved menu options, introduced fan-friendly technology to increase speed of service and renovated several existing concessions stands.

"Empower Field at Mile High is always working to improve the game-day experience. This year, the focus has been on new technology, concepts, and creating space to keep pace with fans and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience," said Empower Field at Mile High Stadium General Manager Jay Roberts. "We have emphasized the use of A.I. and mobile ordering to modernize and expedite the food and beverage experience to our fans and stadium goers."

Broncos fans, as well as concert, festival and other event guests will find many new, enhanced and innovative concepts, offerings and amenities.

"We're excited about the new food and beverage options for Empower Field at Mile High this season," said Jay Morrison, District Manager, Aramark's Sports & Entertainment division. "With more local favorites being available inside the stadium, I am positive that we will be able to deliver a unique dining experience for everyone."

Additionally, select concession stands on the 100, 300 and 500 levels of the stadium have been expanded and modernized while redesigned menu boards and reconfigured speed lines will expedite the ordering and transaction processes.

Please see below for a breakdown of new concession concepts, technology and culinary partners.


Downtown Mile High

The new food hall concept Downtown Mile High (Section 127) features three restaurants and a full-service bar featuring Breckenridge Distillery products. The first sit-down dining area on the lower concourse level, Downtown Mile High provides fans the option to enjoy The Cherry Cricket, Tacos * Tequila * Whiskey and Osteria Marco.

Cross Bar

A full-service bar featuring GameDay All American Vodka (Section 115, 116). The space gets its namesake from the bar's centerpiece: an original crossbar from old Mile High Stadium.

Inside the food, beverage and technology upgrades from Aramark and the Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High (1)


Autonomous Checkout

Nine state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (A.I.) autonomous markets have been installed throughout Empower Field at Mile High, marking the largest number of such stores in a sports venue. Fans can enjoy a contactless experience purchasing some of their favorite game-day food and beverage items. Using sensor fusion technology, items are automatically added to guests' virtual shopping cart, significantly increasing speed of service and cutting down wait times.

"One of the things that our fans always ask is to get back to their seats more quickly," Roberts said Thursday. "They want to watch the game. They love the game, they want to get out of their seat, they want to get their co*ke, they want to get their Budweiser and they want to get back to their seats. And so some of the technology is going to help them get back to their seat more quickly. Another thing that our fans ask for is to ask for more variety. And usually variety and speed don't work; they're usually contradicting items. But with new technology, we're able to do both. We're able to increase speed of service and increase variety. You'll see that in our automated, autonomous check-out Drink MKTs, where you walk in, you tap your credit card, you get your Bud Light or you get your co*ke, and then you walk right out. There's no checkout at all."

Cashless Payments

Empower field at Mile High is a cashless venue. All vendors accept Apple Pay and credit cards, and self-ordering kiosks have been installed at select locations (Sections 103, 127, 311, 325, 339 and 518), allowing fans to fully customize and pay for their order using touch screen technology. For fans carrying cash, reverse ATMs will be available on-site for cash-to-card conversion.

For all Broncos home games during the 2021 season, there will be a feature $1 concession item for fans using Apple Pay.

Ordering at the Reach of your Fingertips

A new mobile ordering solution (Tapin2) will be available for United Club Level in-seat service, allowing fans to use their smartphones to place an order and have it delivered to their seats. At nine different locations on the concourse level, fans can use mobile ordering to pickup their food at an expedited rate.

Touchless Beverage Stations

Touchless Coca-Cola machines have been placed throughout Empower Field at Mile High to improve customer efficiency post-point of sale. The Bud Light Perfect Pour machine (Sec. 128) uses innovative, hands-free technology to serve customers a perfectly poured beverage every time.

"One of the things we're really excited about is called 'The Perfect Pour,' where you're going to get a perfect Bud Light or a perfect Breckenridge beer poured to the exact specifications," Roberts said.

Inside the food, beverage and technology upgrades from Aramark and the Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High (2)


505 Southwestern Monster Chicken Nachos

Originally from New Mexico, and headquartered in Denver, these 505 Southwestern Monster Chicken Nachos are loaded with 505SW™ Flame Roasted Green Chile, 505SW™ Restaurant Style Salsa, cheese, chicken and more (Sections 103, 110, 116, 128, 231, 303, 342, 503, 207, 511, 526, 531, 535, 539).

Boulder Sausage

With the same delicious recipe for over 50 years, and based in nearby Boulder, Colo., Boulder Sausage will make its debut in Sections 100, 104, 114, 117, 128, 133, 229, 236, 303, 306, 314, 321, 332, 335, 342, 503, 520, 524, 532, 539.

Denver Cheesesteak

Shaved Sirloin, 505 Southwestern Roasted Green Chiles, Chile Con Queso (Sections 106, 131, 513, 529)

OZO Plant-Based Foods

Based in Boulder, Colo., Planterra Foods delivers plant-based burgers full of juicy flavor to the stadium experience under the OZO brand. (Sections 100, 107, 110, 303, 314, 332, 342, 504, 512, 530, 538).

"We're also proud to partner with some Colorado groups, like OZO plant-based burgers," Morrison said. "We've got 505 Southwestern. We love to feature their nacho chips and salsas. ... Boulder Sausages is a new partner this year, so we've transitioned our stadium beer brats and green chile brats and our stadium foot-long brat to this fresh-made Boulder Sausage."


Frank Bonanno Concepts

Frank Bonanno Concepts (Section 119), from acclaimed Denver chef Frank Bonanno, will feature a rotating menu of the best menu items from his collection of award-winning restaurants.

  • Bao Buns - Steamed bun with pork belly, hoisin sauce and green onions, and Pork bao buns (Section 119).
  • Lou's Hot Chicken Sandwich - Fried hot chicken sandwich topped with American cheese, bibb lettuce, sliced tomato, dill pickles and rooster sauce served on a potato roll (Section 119).

GQue Championship BBQ

GQue Championship BBQ (Section 135, 312, 340) will bring its award-winning BBQ directly to fans.


Located in Section 305 and 334, a local favorite, Coohill's offers French-inspired cuisine that focuses on local, regional and farm-fresh ingredients.

Maine Shack

Serving up delectable seafood offerings (Sections 305, 334).

Inside the food, beverage and technology upgrades from Aramark and the Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High (3)
Inside the food, beverage and technology upgrades from Aramark and the Broncos at Empower Field at Mile High (2024)
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